I do not want to send my wallet

The easy option is to send your locked wallet to us and wait for successful password recovery. However you do not have to do it. We will not steal your coins but you do not have to trust us. We will trust you! All you need is to extract encrypted hash from your wallet and send them in the contact form. Even after decryption of the hash there is no way to use your wallet without having it. However sending us wallet files in is better and may increase significantly chances of the recovery process. We may:

  • check if wallet is not empty
  • extract the hash correctly, files may be damaged and may require special efforts to repair them
  • scan for bugs which may help in the process
  • extract all the private keys

Read more about wallet files and backups.

How to manage wallet files in the recovery process, extracting the “hashes”:

If you still have problems please contact us.

You have recovered the password. What next?

After a successful password recovery we will:

  1. send you the coins to your new wallet minus the 20%-50% fee, you need to provide us new wallet address. This happens when you send us the wallet.
  2. send you the recovered password, then you decrypt the wallet by yourself. We also send you our wallet address asking you to send 20%-50% fee. This happens when you will send us the encrypted hash.

The both ways are based on trust. We try to be considered as trustworthy service in the crypto – currency industry and our positive feedback you can find in Trust section.

  • Buggy wallets

    Some time ago Bitcoin Core wallet versions 0.4 and 0.5 had a bug. You can read about it here and here. The core client might have left some private keys unencrypted when setting the password and hashing the private keys inside the wallet.dat file. Next versions had a fix and encrypted all the private keys.…

  • Make backup of your wallet’s files

    Making of backups can save your life. In many cases the process of recovering lost funds is easier and possible with an old backup. The important thing is the wallet files should to be “untouched”, so every operation, attempt to open the wallet should be done using the “copy” of the wallet files not the orginal. Newer versions…

  • How to remind yourself a forgotten password

    Without knowing anything about the password it is almost impossible to recover it. You need to prepare yourself to remind it. It may take you a while. Sit, relax and try to recreate the whole scenario, time, place, mindset of when you were leaning on setting the password, then put your hands on the keyboard,…

  • Public wallets

    Fake, stolen or “found” wallets also known as “public” wallets. Please do not send us wallets listed here, they can be bought on santoshidisk . c o m or wallet-dat . n e t. Some of them were cracked and turned out that were crafted. We have checked them. The addresses was with coins, the private…

  • typical and common passwords

    It is very common that passwords are connected to the personal information. Sometimes it is strictly connected to the person or someone, something close: Very often the passwords is mix from the above.