Public wallets

Fake, stolen or “found” wallets also known as “public” wallets.

Please do not send us wallets listed here, they can be bought on santoshidisk . c o m or wallet-dat . n e t. Some of them were cracked and turned out that were crafted. We have checked them. The addresses was with coins, the private keys are empty, not connected to the address. Some of them may be real and hundreds of people try to crack them at the moment. Please do not send us these wallets. There are some chances that one of them can be cracked and there could be some coins but honestly we think wining in the jackpot is more probable. We would prefer to help people with their wallets rather than waste GPU power on the random wallets with unknown owners.

Please keep in mind that if you submit one of these wallets we will not respond to your inquiry. Our team keep focus on wallets, which can be verified with the owner.