How to remind yourself a forgotten password

Without knowing anything about the password it is almost impossible to recover it. You need to prepare yourself to remind it. It may take you a while. Sit, relax and try to recreate the whole scenario, time, place, mindset of when you were leaning on setting the password, then put your hands on the keyboard, focus and start trying.
Capitalization, missing character, extra character, transposed, transposed adjacent chars.

  • what are the words if any, what are they position in the password, the same for the numbers and special charshow many of them, what are they and their position
  • are there any Capital letters, positions
  • are there any spaces, tabs or enters, how many and positions
  • what are your Operating System, language, keyboard layout

If you decide to aply in the contact form please answer the questions above and give plenty of  examples what the password may look like, I mean you are trying to enter but it’s incorrect.