What will you do with Your Ethereum Classic coins you may have? free airdrop? no!

Ethereum Classic

Did you have any coins before the 20th of July 2016 on your Ethereum network? or maybe you have bought some ether for bitcoin during the presale round before Ethereum ever existed?

In both cases if your answer is yes it is worth checking if you have any coins on the original Ethereum network which is now called Ethereum Classic network.

What happened on 20th July 2016? Why did my ETH coins double?

On that date the Ethereum foudation forked blockchain to new one leaving old as known now as Ethereum Classic. More about Ethereum fork you can read on wikipedia. What is important, new Ethereum transactions were done on blockchain leaving original (Ethereum Classic unchanged). What does it mean? The coins before that date have doubled! If you had any coins prior to 20th July 2016 they are still there. This sounds like airdrop but no these are original coins on the old original Ethereum network.

How to claim your ETC? (Ethereum Classic)

Go to ETC website and find your favorite wallet. Then you can import your private key(s), keystore file or seed into the wallet. The process is similar to ETH, the difference is that you you need to change the network to ETC.

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