MetaMask wallets under attack, how to avoid the problems

Metamask under attack picture

MetaMask wallets are under constant attack. The reddit’s MetaMask section is flooded by users who are victims of scam, malicious contract interaction or seed theft. The result is always the same – wallet is drained of the funds, no matter the network people use.

What are the reasons the MetaMask wallet are being emptied?

There are few. First of all the seed phrase may be compromised. The wallet user might have been phished and scammed. There are many attacks hat make people to enter seed phrase into some kind of form to verify, update or confirm the wallet. Another way for the seed theft is malicious software, viruses, malware which is installed on the victims endpoint computer or phone and steels the seed or wallet files. The third option is wallet’s owner interaction with malicious contract. Sometimes we interact with new tokens which may be hostile and even exchanging with them may cause our wallet being sucked out of funds. Be aware of airdrops of free tokens NFTs. If you see such things in your wallet this is the scam, there is no such a thing as a free lunch!

What to do or not do if you do not want be robbed out of your funds and avoid the problems?

  • Ignore emails from MetaMask asking you to verify (KYC, AML), secure or do anything, this is a SCAM. MetaMask does not have your email do not contact you first.
  • do not interact with airdropped tokens, NFTs if you do not know them, have not bought or minted them, just hide them in your wallet. Sending or exchanging them may result in your wallet’s funds loss.
  • keep your seed safe. Do not write it on the same computer/ phone in a text file or any unsecured form. Keep it away from the device which is used to spend funds.
  • use strong passwords to secure wallets.
  • protect your computer or phone with antivirus and firewall, keep the device up to date with security upgrades and application’s updates.
  • do not install apps if you do not know them and do not trust them. Your device may be infected with malware and steal your files which may contain seed phrase.

be safe and stay away from evil!

in case of password related issues or other related wallet problems feel free to contact us.